Frequently Asked Questions



How do I register for the Walk?

Register online at until Thursday, May 3rd. You may also download and complete a registration form and mail it in, to be received by Monday, April 30th Download the mail in registration form.

After Thursday, May 3rd you can register in person at the Walk beginning at 7:30 a.m. For quick registration, download the day of registration form and bring it with you.

Will day-of-event registration be available? 
Yes, day-of-event registration will be available at Fisher Pavilion from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. The entry fee for day-of-event registration is $35. Download the day of registration form.

Can I register other people online?
You may only register members of your immediate family who are under the age of 18, and you may do so using your email address for each of them. Anyone who is not a family member or who is over 18 must register themselves with a unique email address.

Do I have to register in order to Walk?
Yes, we want to know you're walking with us and need every walker to sign a standard waiver through their offical registration. 

Do I need to register my children for the Walk?
Yes, children should register. Parents/guardians can register children online or complete an offline registration form and sign the waiver on behalf of the child. 

Can I use my login credentials from previous years?
If you registered in 2017, you will need to log in as a past participant. If you do not remember your username, please select "email me my login information". 

Can I access my photos, contacts and text from last year?
The text and photos from your 2017 personal page will be accessible. 


How can I make sure the donation I’m sending will be credited to my team?
Please include the name of the participant you are supporting in the memo area of the check. If you are supporting a team and not an individual, please include the team name in the memo area, and be aware that team donations are credited to the team captain for bookkeeping purposes. You may also make a general donation to the Brain Cancer Walk.

My donation didn’t go through, or isn’t showing up on the webpage. What should I do?
Please be patient. Donations typically take a couple of hours to show up on the website. If you have already waited to see if it will display, contact us! We want to make sure all of your hard work and generous donations show up on your page within a reasonable amount of time.

My donation was applied to the wrong person. What should I do?
If your donation is showing on the website, but it is not credited to the intended participant, please email or call us, and we will be happy to fix it ( or 206-386-3445).

My registration fee didn’t show up as part of my fundraising total. Is it a tax deductible donation?
Your registration fee will be used to underwrite the Walk which allows 100 percent of the proceeds to support the Ivy Center and its important research programs. The participant is receiving event registration in exchange, so the fee is not tax-deductible and won’t count towards your fundraising total. This is still an important contribution, and we are so glad to have you registered for the event!

Participant Center

What is and how do I access my Participant Center?
The Participant Center is the online portal where you can check your fundraising progress, send email solicitations and thank yous, and update your Personal Fundraising Page and your Team Fundraising Page (if you are a captain). Step by step instructions for accessing your Participant Center 

What information will I be able to keep for next year?
All of the information (text, photos, contacts, and anything else) on your Personal Fundraising Page will be stored there for next year. Please move anything you would like to keep onto your Personal Page from your Team Page.

How do I edit my personal or team page content?
Personal and Team Fundraising Pages have default content when you register for an event. We highly recommend that you personalize your page(s) to tell your own (or your team's) story and why the event is important to you. Step by step instructions.

How do I upload contacts by CSV File?
A CSV, or comma-separated values, is a type of file that you allows you to enter data in a table-structured format or spreadsheet. You will need a program like Microsoft Excel or Windows Notepad to create the file to upload in your Participant Center.  If you have a lot of email contacts that you'd like to  migrate into your Participant Center, creating a CSV file for upload may be easier and save you time instead of manually entering each email contact. Step by step instructions

Note: Yahoo and Gmail email users can directly import their contacts into the Participant Center without using a CSV file

How do I upload contacts from Gmail or Yahoo?
Step by step instructions.

Note: If you use Hotmail, Outlook or another email provider, please refer to the guide in the previous question for uploading contacts with a CSV file

How do I send an email from my Participant Center?
Log in to your Participant Center and click the "email" tab to access the email functionality and then follow these step by step instructions.

How do I upload a photo or a video?
Upload a photo or video to your Personal Fundraising page and if you're a team captain, on your Team Fundraising page. Step by step instructions. 

How do I create a unique web address?
Once you have created your personal fundraising page, you have your very own URL address to get there. By default this can look quite lengthy, but there is a feature inside your Participant Center that allows you to personalize this URL which makes it easier to share with supporters. Click on the "personal page" tab in your Participant Center and follow these step by step instructions.

Event Info

Can I bring my dog?
For the safety of all of our participants, we ask that you leave your furry friends at home.

Can I push a baby stroller or ride my bike? 
We welcome strollers and baby joggers. Please note that bikes, tricycles and in-line skates are not allowed.

Can I use a wheelchair at the Walk? 
Yes, you may use a wheelchair. Handicapped-accessible parking and entrance to Seattle Center are available in the Mercer Street parking lot. Please follow the signs.

Where can survivors get shirts?
Survivor T-shirts will be available at both Walk Sign-Up and Shirt Pick-Up on the morning of the event. They may also be available when team captains pick-up team t-shirts.

Where do I store personal items?
We suggest you leave your personal items locked in a car in the parking lot. Please note that access to your car will be limited during the event so please plan accordingly.

I’ve pre-registered as an individual. Do I still have to go to registration on the day of the event? 
Yes, you will need to pick up your t-shirt and other materials.

I’m a Team Captain, can I pick up shirts for all my team members prior to Walk Day?
Yes, team captains may pick up their shirts for their team in advance on April 28 and April 29 by appointment only.

I'm on a team; do I have to go to registration on the day of the event? 
Yes, you will need to sign in individually and pick up your t-shirt, unless your team captain has picked-up your shirt prior to the Walk.

Where can Patients and Survivors get shirts?
Green survivor/patients shirts will be available at Walk Sign-Up if you are registering on the morning of the Walk, Shirt Pick-Up if you have already registered, as well as Team Captain Pick-Up on April 28 and April 29. 

Where can I make a donation or turn in pledges? 
Donations can be made in advance, either online or by mail. Donations may also be turned in the day of the event at the Donations Table at Fisher Pavilion. Prior to and following the event, donations can be mailed to:

Swedish Medical Center Foundation
Attn: Seattle Brain Cancer Walk
747 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122

Please download and complete the printable form before mailing.

Are pictures posted online? 
Yes, pictures will be posted to our Facebook page following the Walk.

How can I see the route before the Walk?
Download a copy of the walk route here.

Have a question we didn’t answer here?
Please call us at 206-386-3445 or email us at prior to the event, or come to the help desk at the Fisher Pavilion (in Seattle Center) on the morning of the event.

Thank you!