Team Captain Information


What is a Team?
A team is a group of people who register to participate in the 2021 Virtual Seattle Brain Cancer Walk under a team name. The team concept is a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone who has been afflicted with a brain tumor. Team members are encouraged to seek donations from family and friends. All donations received by team members count toward the team total. 

What is a Team Captain?
A team captain registers the team when signing up to participate in the virtual Walk. While registering, the team captain will be prompted to create a personalized team web page link. Your team page enables potential team members and donors to learn more about your team and facilitates donations.

What are a Team Captain's Responsibilities?
A team captain creates the team and customizes the team page. After that, team members can be recruited through emails and networking. A team captain should stay in touch with team members via email to encourage fundraising efforts and provide information pertaining to the Walk.

For more details on being a team captain, click here. And if you have any questions about establishing a team, please call Customer Service at 206-320-5260 or email at Thank you!

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