Why We Run

SR 2018 Why we run

Join in our fight against ovarian cancer. This disease is the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths among women in the United States and the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers.

While survival rates for other cancers have increased dramatically of late, the incidence and mortality of ovarian cancer have changed only incrementally over the past 50 years. This is primarily due to the lack of an accurate early detection test for the disease.

When caught in its earliest stages, ovarian cancer survival rates can be as high as 90%. But early symptoms of ovarian cancer are difficult to diagnose, are often misdiagnosed, or go undetected. This means nearly 75% of all ovarian cancer patients are diagnosed in advanced stages.

The SummeRun brings our community together in the fight against ovarian cancer. We run and walk for all women: our daughters, our moms, our grandmothers, our sisters, our aunts, our baby girls yet to be born - so that they are ensured a chance to thrive and live healthy lives. Thank you for your support of the Rivkin Center - a powerhouse funding cutting edge ovarian cancer research, high-risk screening, and educational programs that support women in an effot to keep them healthy.